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David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
15 Jun 2009 23:35

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Life Without Data: qGPS

Data is an ever more pervasive part of the smartphone experience. But the cost of data plans are still generally massive, sometimes costing as much as your voice plan. So Life Without Data is a Tips and Tricks feature to help you get around the cost of data plans.

Straight up GPS is slow. It reaches out to four satellites to grab all the information it needs to give you a fix on your position, and that takes time. aGPS was designed to give you a fix more quickly by grabbing some of the information you need over your phone's data connection instead of using the GPS radio alone. If you're trying to get by without an expensive data plan, aGPS could be running per-kb charges, or it might be completely unavailable to you.

Fear not, because there's another way to speed up GPS fixes: Quick GPS. Instead of requiring 4 satellites to get a fix, qGPS makes it possible to get a fix with just three. To wit, it does so by downloading a week's worth of data in advance—making it possible for you to get away with only using WiFi to speed up GPS fixes rather than having to use cellular data.

How do you get it? Although aGPS is more pervasive, HTC includes the Qualcomm designed system on some devices, and Palm put it on their Treo Pro. And hackers are adding it to yet more devices.

David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
11 Jun 2009 18:00

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Misfortunz: How not to rob an ATM

Stories of people installing card scanners and cameras on ATMs to grab your card info and PIN seem to crop up all the time. Some days it seems like thieves are getting smarter, but not today. Ocean's 11, meet Drip 21.

Video after the break. Props to the Giz.

David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
04 Jun 2009 10:28

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Prepaid Introduction

If you're looking to save some money, you might take a long look at your cellular bill. If you're a heavy user of voice and or data, contract plans might be your best bet, while simultaneously providing you with a subsidy of your phone every 2 years or so. However, some light users may find cost savings in a prepaid plan. Extremely light users could save a lot.

American carriers are only just now really offering a respectable variety of prepaid plans. In Asia and Europe, prepaid is far more popular, but in the U.S., carriers have been reluctant to offer decent service or decent prepaid phones. Why? They like the security that comes with having a subscriber base locked in to their plans. What's more, American consumers rather like the phone subsidies that come with contracts. Having to pay full price for a high-end handset can come as quite a shock to some.

Continue Reading Prepaid Intro

David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
15 Feb 2009 22:32

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Vizio Giving Away a Million Dollars worth of 55" LCDs

After spending a cool $3,000,000 on a Super Bowl Ad, renowned budget HDTV maker Vizio still had a cool million to blow on 55", 1080p, 120Hz LCD giveaways. They'll be giving away one set every week from the week of Feburary 23rd until August 14th.

Entering is painless. You punch in your information ONCE, and you're in all giveaways from the beginning until it's over. No need to reenter. Of course, the sooner you get your one entry in, the more weeks you get a chance to win.
Enter Once to Win at: Vizio until 08.14.09 (but sooner is better)
Via EngadgetHD

David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
15 Feb 2009 22:01

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First Ever Opportunity to Win a Pre?

The Palm Pre is one of the most talked about phones of 2009 from a company everyone had already counted out. Its unique WebOS has a host of drool-worthy interface features, and its screen is bright and full of color. It's one of the only phones knows about that has a first party inductive charger (no cords!), although that charger is sold separately.

Hit the link below by February 17th. You may have to register your stuff to become a Tell Us panelist first, and then you'll have to put your info in again at the entry site. But who cares? It's for a Palm Pre.

Enter to Win at: US Weekly Sweeps: Win a Film Independent's Spirit Awards Giveaway! by 02.17.2009
Via Engadget

David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
19 Dec 2008 23:37

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HTC Fuze Giveaways Aplenty

HTC is giving away 120 Fuze smartphones. Want in on the action? Register here and play once daily until April '09. In addition, HTC is gifting some blogs with a Fuze for their readers.

Engadget Mobile is giving away one at random to the commenters at the contest post. Ends 12/19/09.

Boygenius is giving away another if you subscribe to their feed AND leave a comment. Ends 12/21/09.

Good luck, and catch some hot Fuze action after the break if you want to know more about the Wi-Fi capable, qwerty Windows Mobile smartphone.
Via Engadget Mobile | Permalink

David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
20 Oct 2008 04:15

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Win a 10" Advent 4211 from PCWorld!

Future Competitions and PCWorld (UK) are giving away a snazzy new Advent 4211 (a rebranded MSI Wind U100) netbook with Xp Home. What's a netbook? A tiny, low-powered device with screens ranging from 7-10 inches with a laptop form factor. Most of the present lot, including the Advent, use the efficient Intel Atom processor to bring you 1.6ghz without killing your battery. The great portability and longer battery lifes (4-5 and half hours with a 6 cell batterY) typically attracts writers and students, though many of them have seriously compromised keyboards. Fortunately, this Advent is a 10" unit, making keyboard cramping less of a concern.

The contest ends October 21st, and entering is a simple as entering your name and email address. Good luck, and check after the break for a Youtube review of the Advent 4211.

Enter at Future Competitions Until 10.21.08
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David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
11 Oct 2008 05:21

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46" Sharp Aquos LCD HDTV Giveaway

TBS and Sharp are giving away a 46" LCD TV to one lucky winner. The contest shamelessly exploits appeals to the growing enviornmental awareness of our generation by asking you to pledge to turn off your energy-sucking TV your lights while you watch Game 4 on TBS. Yes, they want you to conserve energy—they just don't want to conserve their ratings.

At, we're pretty sure they aren't auditing entrees, so be a rebel. Turn on an extra light during the game, and watch FX instead. We won't tell.

You can enter once daily until October 16th. Entry is easy, but this is a big contest, so the odds probably aren't in your favor.
Enter to Win at TBS once a day until 10.16.2008

David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
11 Sep 2008 20:19

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Win Final Fantasy IV (DS)

One the better games in the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy IV has been remade by Square Enix for the Nintendo DS. Now DS Fanboy is giving away their review copy (read the review here).

You can enter once per day by simply leaving a comment at the contest post (linked below), up until September 17th. Good Luck.
Enter to Win at DS Fanboy once per day until 09.17.08

David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
07 Sep 2008 03:37

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Win A 37" Sharp LCD HDTV

sharp.jpg likes to bring you easy-to-enter contests from small blogs with great odds of winning. But sometimes the prizes are too good to pass up, and we bring you impossible to enter contests from entities where you are more likely to be struck by lightning while scratching off a lotto ticket than to win. Which category does this contest fall into? Well, let's just say you don't want to be eating foods rich in iron right now.

Gizmodo has teamed up with their sponsor Sharp to bring you a chance to win a 37" LCD HDTV. If you've been putting off the inevitable upgrade, this might be just the contest you're looking for.

Entering involves answering 11 TV trivia questions, some with easily googable answers, and others that are complicated enough that you may just bypass building a planet-sized supercomputer and just fill in "42" and be done with it. Men already at risk for male-pattern baldness are encouraged to consider the risks before attempting to answer these questions. Once you have your answers, email them to the address provided, and cross your fingers.

As of the time of this posting, Gizmodo had not yet posted a deadline for the contest. So err on the side of caution and enter soon. Open until September 12th.

Enter to Win at Gizmodo (deadline unknown at time of posting) until 09.12.08

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