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David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
16 Aug 2008 04:01

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32" Samsung LCD TV And Too Human Giveaway

Gameplanet (New Zealand) is giving away a 32" Samsung and a copy of Too Human for the Xbox 360 to one lucky Kiwi. Too Human is the latest Silicon Knights game, thrusting you into the sandals of Norse Mythology, or at least, Silicon Knights' twist on the mythology. You are one of the pantheon of Norse gods, made that way by cybernetic enhancment, but compared to the others, you weren't as enhanced. They consider you to be Too Human.

From the looks of it, the game deserves a brand spankin new TV. So here's your chance to win both. You must have a New Zealand address to enter. Contest ends August 28th, and you can enter once per day until then by answering their little daily trivia. Good luck.

Enter to Win at Gameplanet by 08.28.08
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David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
14 Aug 2008 05:54

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Win a Wii from 411mania

To celebrate the WWE's (WWF before those annoying animal freaks stole their acronym) upcoming Superslam (which as best we can figure, involves large angry looking wrestlers pretending to go to the mattresses with occasional fireworks and annoying spokesmen—the same thing wrestling was when grandpa watched it in the 80s), 411mania is giving away a Nintendo Wii (and some other stuff you can see in the image above).

To enter, you need to email them at moc.loa|dloc9enots#moc.loa|dloc9enots with "Summerslam" in the subject/title line and "411 rules" in the body. If you follow the instructions, you get 1 entry to win. It's not entirely clear from the post when the contest is over, but it could be this Sunday, August 17th when Superslam goes down.

Enter to Win at 411mania by 08.17.08
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David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
14 Aug 2008 05:43

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Gizmodo's $300 Gift Card Contest

Wait, isn't Gizmodo that cool hip blog that's too into gadgets to be concerned with minutiae marketing demographics? We thought so too, but we guess not. In exchange for your taking a short survey revealing your various demographic associations and even some potentially humiliating dating information, Gizmodo will give you the opportunity to win a cool three hundred clams—in the form of a Visa Gift card (accepted everywhere you want to be).

You have until August 20th to enter by completing the survey. Good luck.

Enter to Win at Gizmodo by 08.20.08
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David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
14 Aug 2008 05:29

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Win Beijing 2008 (the game, not "The Games") from DasGamer

COMPLETELY out of the blue, there are suddenly a lot of Olympic themed contests. We couldn't tell you why, but we can tell you where to win another copy of the Official Video Game of the 2008 Olympics, Beijing 2008. Although they didn't specify in the contest post, one presumes they're giving away the 360 version, given the image. DasGamer (where everything is funnier in German) is giving away a copy for just a comment. Well, not JUST a comment. It needs to be a clever one that neatly captions their accompanying, and possibly NSFW photo of two celebrating Olympic swimmers.

You have until August 20th at 3pm Eastern time (those fake germans are awfully specific) to enter your clever caption.
Enter to Win at DasGamer by 08.20.08 (3pm EST)
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David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
14 Aug 2008 05:11

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DatMoney's Wii Giveaway

dat.jpg, together with iBlogtoBlog and Market Leverage, is giving away a Nintendo Wii. This is one of those smaller blog contests with great odds of winning compared to places like IGN and GamesRadar where you have a better chance of being struck by lightning WHILE scratching off a winning lotto ticket. And the prize isn't too shabby either. With the Wii continuing to have supply problems through the end of this year, even finding one for $250 probably feels like winning the lottery for some. But enter this contest and you might walk away with a free Wii. And there's no better kind.

Entering requires subscribing to RSS via email AND leaving a comment with the same same email address you subscribed with, but if you want more chances to win, you can get those by signing up for the other methods listed at the contest site. You have from now until August 29th to get your entry/entries in. Good Luck.

Enter to Win at by 08.29.08
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David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
12 Aug 2008 20:58

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Win a 22" Widscreen Monitor, a PSP and More

Tyler Cruz and MarketLeverage are giving away a 22" Widescreen Dell Monitor and a PSP with Agent Clank, a Flip Mino Camera, an iPod Nano, and a $100 American Express Gift card.

You'll probably need a blog to enter, but this is quite a haul. Contest ends August 14th.

Enter to Win at by 08.14.08
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David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
12 Aug 2008 20:51

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Win Guitar Hero: Aerosmith for PS3

Already have Guitar Hero or a compatible guitar for PS3? That stuff is pretty popular, so odds are you do. Well PS3 Fanboy is giving away a copy of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, but just the game, no accessories. What are you waiting for? Hop over to PS3 Fanboy and get your old school rock on.

Enter just once by leaving a comment listing your favorite Aerosmith song before August 16th.

Enter to Win at PS3 Fanboy by 08.16.08.
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David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
12 Aug 2008 20:43

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Win 2K's Top Spin 3 for Wii

Nintendo Wii Fanboy is giving away 1 copy of Top Spin 3 for Wii, 2K's answer to Wii Sports' Tennis demo. A solid controlling full tennis experience that's a little less cutesy and a little more serious than Nintendo's hit proof-of-concept, Top Spin 3 is what you want if Wii Tennis left you wanting a little more.

As with most Wii Fanboy contests, you can enter once daily by simply leaving a comment on their site. Contest ends August 17th.

Enter to Win at Wii Fanboy Once daily till 08.17.08.

David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
12 Aug 2008 00:41


filed under: gaming microsoft is Giving Away a 360 and Beijing 2008 to a Lucky Kiwi

Didn't get invited to the Olympics this year? No worries, one lucky Kiwi has a chance for a free ticket to compete in all the big events from the comfort of their own living room.

A TV station in New Zealand is offering up a 360 Arcade (the version with no hard drive, but it does come with a memory card for game saves) and the official game of the 2008 Olympic Games: Beijing 2008. You can enter (only once) by punching in your info and answering an easy-to-google trivia question by August 25th. Must be a resident of New Zealand.

Enter to Win at by 08.25.08
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David MarseillesDavid Marseilles
11 Aug 2008 19:37

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Celebrity Cafe's Wii and DS Giveaways

Celebrity Cafe has brand new Wii and DS contests this month. Entering is as simple as filling out your info, and you can do it once every day until October 31st for a whole lot of chances to win.
Enter to Win a Wii and Enter to Win a DS
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